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Phone: 864-213-4408



ETM provides a full range of asbestos services including building inspections, project design, project management, air sampling, and training classes.


Building Inspections, including bulk sampling and analysis, for suspect asbestos-containing materials.  ETM has conducted inspections for asbestos containing materials in more than 1,000 buildings in the Eastern and Southeastern United States.


Labeling of Confirmed ACM following an inspection to ensure your facility is in compliance with  OSHA’s  Asbestos and Hazard Communication Standards.

Project Design for remediation projects as required by state and federal regulations, addressing the unique challenges of each specific project to ensure safe removal of asbestos containing materials.

Bid Specification, preparation, presentation and analysis to ensure your project is handled correctly by a qualified contractor, resulting in a successful project.

Project Management, acting as the building owner’s representative to ensure asbestos is removed in such a manner to prevent contamination of areas beyond the removal site.  Clients have engaged ETM’s project management services to oversee abatement projects and to monitor the contractor’s compliance with the project specifications and applicable state and federal regulations. 

Project Air Monitoring before, during and after abatement, ETM licensed Air Sampling professionals can conduct air monitoring with analysis via polarized light microscopy (PLM) or  transmission electron microscopy (TEM).


ETM has completed project design, conducted project management, and provided air monitoring services for more than 1,000 remediation projects in buildings ranging from elementary schools to occupied hospitals to complex multistory office buildings to operating industrial facilities.  


A primary factor to consider in evaluating a consulting firm is the technical capability of its personnel.  ETM staff includes the following professionals:


  • Certified Industrial Hygienist
  • Industrial Hygienist
  • AHERA accredited Building Inspectors
  • AHERA accredited Management Planners
  • Licensed Air Sampling Professionals
  • Analytical Microscopists trained in accordance with NIOSH 582 standards


Training: since 1996, ETM has taught AHERA certified asbestos courses including:


  • Asbestos Worker (OSHA Class I training): initial and annual refresher classes
  • Asbestos Supervisor: initial and annual refresher classes
  • Inspector: initial and annual refresher classes
  • Project Designer: initial and annual refresher classes
  • Management Planner: initial and annual refresher classes