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Hospital Client Services


As practitioners in the healthcare industry are all to aware, hospitals face a number of challenges in delivering top notch care to address a diverse universe of patient care needs and concerns.  The professionals at ETM can help you in assuring that the indoor air quality in your facility meets all recommended standards.  In addition, we can monitor and report on occupational exposure levels of hospital employees to any number of chemicals routinely encountered on the job.

ETM has the expertise and state of the art equipment to:

  • Assess and monitor employee exposures to a number of chemicals, including: anesthetic gases, formaldehyde, gluteraldehyde, volatile organic compounds, and literally hundreds of additional chemicals employees may be exposed to on a routine basis as part of their duties.
  • Monitoring and documentation to support criteria set forth in the Joint Commission Accreditation audit.
  • Testing of critical care areas following renovation to ensure that those areas meet recommended standards prior to being placed back into service.
  • Survey, sample and present solutions for agents negatively impacting indoor air quality.
  • Investigate for the presence of mold, with follow up air sampling and recommendations to address and resolve any problems.
  • Design, manage, and oversee air monitoring for mold or other biological entity remediation projects to ensure potentially infectious agents are not dispersed into the general hospital population.
  • Conduct building material inspections for the presence of asbestos prior to renovation or demolition of an area.
  • Provide bid specifications, project design, and air monitoring services for SCDHEC regulated asbestos abatement projects.