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Schools and Universities Services


School maintenance and facilities personnel face a number of challenges in keeping school buildings and systems running smoothly.  The professionals at ETM can assist you in dealing with concerns that arise in the areas of indoor air quality (IAQ), asbestos, and other issues impacting the indoor environment of students and staff.


ETM has the expertise and state of the art equipment to:


  • Investigate for the presence of mold, with follow up air sampling recommendations for remedial action where indicated.
  • Design, manage, and oversee air monitoring for mold or other biological entity remediation projects to ensure potentially infectious agents are not dispersed into the general school population.
  • Survey and test for additional chemicals that can negatively impact indoor air quality, including formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), dust/particulates, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and many more.
  • Perform ventilation checks and relative humidity measurements.
  • Perform building inspections for the presence of asbestos containing materials prior to a renovation or demolition as required by the federal NESHAP regulations.  
  • Provide project design, management, and air sampling services for asbestos abatement projects.
  • Conduct AHERA re-inspections of school buildings as required every three years.
  • Provide training to maintenance personnel to meet the OSHA Asbestos Standard requirements for Class IV work (maintenance and custodial activities during which employees contact but do not disturb ACM or presumed ACM, and activities to clean up dust, waste and debris generated by Class I, II or III activities).
  • Provide training to maintenance personnel responsible for identifying/inspecting asbestos containing material, designing abatement projects, or conducting removal activities regulated under OSHA Class I, II or III activities, or by SCDHEC.