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Industrial Hygiene is the science of recognizing and evaluating personnel exposure levels to an array of potentially harmful items in a diverse spectrum of settings.  ETM Industrial Hygienists can assess these items and develop a strategic monitoring plan to be quantify exposure levels.  Evaluating results in comparison to both regulatory and recommended standards, ETM can develop a response plan.  IH services include:


Chemical Exposure Monitoring: 

  • Heavy metals (such as lead, mercury, cadmium)
  • Particulates (such as dust, silica, asbestos)
  • Gases (such as radon, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide)
  • Fume (such as welding fume)
  • Aldehydes (such as formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, OPA)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (such as chromates, ammonia)


Safety Data Sheet Development: manufacturers of chemicals utilize our expertise to evaluate proposed safety data sheets to make sure the appropriate warnings concerning chemical health effects, as well as proper selection of personal protective equipment, have been relayed so that the end user has the information necessary to protect themselves. 


Noise Surveys: Employee exposure levels to noise can be measured utilizing  either a sound level meter or personal dosimeters to document the overall exposures to those who work in areas of fluctuating noise levels.  Upon analysis of results, our prompt reporting will tell you which, if any, employees must wear hearing protection as required by the OSHA Noise Standard  or need to be included in a hearing conservation program as required by the OSHA Hearing Conservation Amendment.


Asbestos: As accredited and licensed building Inspectors, our staff can conduct an inspection in accordance with both federal and state regulations prior to  renovation or demolition.  Utilizing survey results, accredited Project Designers can put together an abatement plan and conduct a pre-bid meeting to ensure all bidders understand the scope of work and schedule of completion.  Accredited  air monitoring personnel can then conduct the required daily and clearance monitoring to document the abatement design is working to contain asbestos fibers to the area of work.  


Under the EPA AHERA regulation, ETM can act as a school or district's Management Planner, as well as conduct the required 3-year re-inspection.


OSHA Compliance:  In addition to the above, ETM provides expert analysis of your facility’s OSHA compliance through industrial hygiene audits and walk-through surveys.  Based upon findings, ETM can develop an assessment and training program for your facility.  Audit and assessment services include reviewing:


  • Specific OSHA chemical standard requirements compliance (formaldehyde, benzene, welding fumes, etc.)
  • Hazard Communication (SDS review, written programs, employee training)
  • Noise Standard
  • Personal Protective Equipment (proper selection, use, employee training)
  • Respirator selection and use