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Industrial Client Services


Industrial facilities have a myriad of items to address: raw material delivery, project scheduling, quality control, not to mention regulatory compliance.  Occupational Safety and Health regulatory compliance can be a demanding topic to keep up with, but the professionals at ETM can assist in meeting your obligations, providing expert guidance and documentation.


ETM has the expertise and state of the art equipment to:

  • Conduct chemical surveys to determine if employee exposure levels are within regulatory requirements
  • Conduct work area noise source surveys or personal dosimetry surveys to ensure compliance with the OSHA Noise Standard and Hearing Conservation Amendment.
  • Review your facility’s Hazard Communication standard for  MSDS information, labeling, training, and proper personal protective equipment guidance.
  • Investigate for the presence of mold, with follow up air sampling and recommendations to address and resolve any problems.
  • Conduct building material inspections for the presence of asbestos prior to renovation or demolition of an area.
  • Label confirmed asbestos containing building materials in accordance with the OSHA Asbestos Standard.
  • Provide bid specifications, project design, and air monitoring services for SCDHEC regulated asbestos abatement projects.
  • Conduct mock OSHA investigations and develop strategies for correcting any abnormal items discovered.